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1104 Buchanan Drive #2,
Burnet, Texas
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+1 512-756-6006


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    My experience as a single independent successful mother resulted in me filing a petition against the unethical practices of this department as well as a civil lawsuit seeking restitution for the trauma my son experienced and did not deserve. It was not warranted and the unethical and obvious misguided, untrained staff mishandled my case entirely. I am certainly not claiming I am the poster child of parenting. I am STATING that I am a good mother, as witnessed by and documented by community and authority. I am stating that this department should not be allowed to infiltrate the lives of innocent children and disrupt an otherwise suitable living situation. The extreme judgement passed and blatant mishandling of investigative measures by all parties I interacted with at this department is shameful and destructive to the well being of children in which this department claims they are advocates.
    By Harold Massey, August 02, 2017
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    I don't know if they cover Llano ,Texas or if anyone even cares about Llano but my experience with the person that answered my report seemed to pass the buck off to Llano Police and they had 0 f*cks to give unless a big drug bust came out of it . Also I seem to be to only person try to save a severely abused child that they refuse to take out of the home despite there being physical proof of the abuse and there being numerous open cases against these monsters made by different people ,including doctors , teachers and other family members . Dad masturbating openly in front of the 8 year old daughter , both parents blowing hash smoke in the infants mouth so she will sleep , no food , unkempt , drug parties , dealers in the house , the parents violently fighting in the yard while holding the baby , the mom purposely trying to wreck with both kids in her car and then actually scrapping a car while they narrowly missed her and so much more but CPS thinks this is a suitable home . Do your damn jobs and save the children in danger and needing help . It is pretty damn sad when our governor admits you all are worthless , the cps system is broke and Texas children have been failed . Great job Case worker Lawanda or close . Did you even check on this family or did you know the Llano police tiping the drug using informants as to a serious complain would get them to behave a few weeks so you could sit on your lazy butt and still do nodda . Feel proud you lazy sow . The people are already violently fighting again , locking the 9 year out crying and alone , having drug parties and dealing with every scumbag in Llano . Oh and they tried threaten me and to fight with my husband . Luckly a 150 lb weak creep , that never wears shoes or shirts with beer gut , high as a kite , no skills, NO JOB or b*lls can't take on a 245 pound in shape veteran that is furious a child beater and drug /meth dealer is next door . Needless to say the honest home owners next door had to wipe the street with this burnout loser . At least someone did it . Burnet CPS and LPD are to worthless to .
    By Deanna Bird, June 06, 2017
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    They are so unprofessional
    By Candy Debrunner, January 15, 2017
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